Gary has been in the construction industry since he was a teenager.  He is well versed in all aspects of construction and specializes in metal building and structural steel construction.  He has  owned his own metal building erecting company.  He has worked for a panel maker.  What ever your needs are in metal building construction,  Gary can understand what you want and help you lift your profits through technology.
The panel lifter he uses, sells, and  recommends is locally made in Montana and is the easiest and safest machine available.
Gary has lived in Auburn, California for 35 years and has contacts in all areas of the building trades.

P.O. BOX 6487
SALINAS, CA  93912
PHONE (831) 320-6131/(831) 320-6135 – FAX (831) 455-2340

To Whom it May Concern:
We have used the panel lifting system provided by APLS on a number of projects.  We have been very satisfied with the service we have received by Gary.  The system performs well and saves us time in our panel lifting portion of the jobs.  We would recommend this company and this equipment to anyone in the construction industry.  

If you have any additional questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact me 831-320-6131.  

Tom Hansen

Follows are some testimonials from satisfied customers:
.From: Joe Ross [mailto:[email protected]

Subject: Panel Lifting device


Good Morning Gary,

 Just Wanted to drop you a note and tell you that my experience with your company was truly a great experience. From our first phone conversation to our last you are definitely a straight shooter and these days that is very refreshing. The Automatic Panel Lifting system worked like a charm. Our panels from Vic West were a 4” thick foam insulated panel up to 47’ long, actual weight was around 450 # per panel “That’s a Load” with your system we were able to average around 122’ per day and on our best day we got 175’. After the numbers were in we realized a 30% labor savings. I have attached a couple of pictures for your file.

thanks again for your help and Look forward to the next project.

 Joe Ross
Vice President/ General Manager
Renier Services Inc,